We combine beautiful colored glazes with dramatic shapes. Specializing in raku firing, we fire each piece in a specially built kiln to approximately 1800 degrees. The work - still glowing with intense heat - is removed from the kiln is then placed into a container of sawdust. The sawdust ignites and produces a smoky atmosphere inside the container where carbon is absorbed into the unglazed clay andthe crackled glaze. Each piece has its own distinct crackle pattern and is unique in the way the carbon darkens the clay.

References to ancient artifacts and architectural details can be seen in Steve’s ceramic work.

Our work is either assembled from slabs of clay, hand formed or wheel -thrown. We mix our own clay and glazes.

The artwork is created using slab construction and wheel methods. The artwork has been fired using raku along with other ceramic firing techniques.

Images of Steve’s ceramics have been in four books published by Lark Books: 500 Tiles500 vases, 500 raku & 21st Century Ceramics.


Each painting is a journey.

My work is inspired by nature’s spirit and the joy of exploration and discovery. I am fascinated by the shape, rhythm, texture and vitality of natural forms. The natural world is constantly revealing new versions of itself through the passing of time and the changing of the seasons. I am interested in capturing these essences and giving visual life to my feelings, thoughts and ideasusing my own symbolism and style.

I think about connectedness and reflect on a time when humanity held greater respect for the natural rhythms and cycles of the earth and moon.

Since childhood art has been a source of comfort, retreat, self expression and self exploration. Through my paintings and mixed media I am learning to see differently, to look beyond the surface.


I am fascinated by the shape, rhythm, texture and vitality of natural forms. I have always been drawn to small pieces of nature. I cannot resist picking up the smooth dark stone, the amazing little leaf, the delicate shell. I often find that I have one or more of these treasures in my pocket!

Some of my newest jewelry features beach stones that my husband and I find on the beaches of Lake Michigan. I often wonder how far and how long these stones have traveled to be discovered at my feet as I walk along the beach.  What treasures!

I make each of the little clay bird beads one at a time by hand.  No molds. 

I hope that my work projects a calm, contemplative feeling. One that encourages you to slow down and take a deep calming breath. 

Each pendant is one of a kind. I hope it delights your visual senses and becomes a personal talisman for you.